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Bitcoin is the new dollar!

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Analyzing cryptocurrency is the safest way to invest

With more than 1700 alt coins and Thousands of ICO's, you have to take precautions

Before getting your hands dirty and put your money at risk, you need the understand what is a cryptocurrency, the blockchain system, and moreover, how to trade your money safely on trusted platforms.

Let's take bitcoin for a quick introduction to the cryptocurrency world. You can divide the Bitcoin in 2 parts. The first part will be the "coin" part, that you can buy or sell, or use to buy goods, like a classic physic currency. The second part is the Bitcoin Protocol, which is a distributed network that preserves the steady of the Bitcoin Token. Each Bitcoin transaction is validated through this network.

Without getting in the details, it is almost the same of other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Verge, Litecoin etc.. Every Alt Coin is maintained by his own network. And this network gets his foundations from the "Blockchain". Each network is a protocol, and should guarantee the safety of his own details.

As of today, a lot of coins wants to emerge to the market, by providing technology advantages, and using ICO to leverage funds, and start their new idea. This is what Initial Coin Offering is (ICO).

An overall look on the hotest ICO's of the month.

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Initial Coin Offering is a risk investment. Get all the details before investing.

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BAT Token

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An anonymous person, sometimes known as an entity, created the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. This person is named Satoshi Nakamoto, and has launched his coin in 2008. His inital idea was to create decentralized payment system, that would validate Transactions through mathematical challenges (known as proof). This system should be totally independant and not related to any central authority, nor to any country in the world. As of today, no-one knows the true identity of the Bitcoin Founder.


Litecoin is a coin launched in 2011, to provide a strong alternative to the Bitcoin Token and Network. Back then, the hardware needed to mine Bitcoin and validate transaction was very expensive. The more the network grew, the more power was needed. The Litecoin algorithm system tried to bring a durable alternative to the market, granting people with regular computers to validate transactions through is network.


Ripple has been created by the company Ripplepay in 2012. The Ripple protocol is known as a Real-Time Gross Settlement system (RTGS), used to exchange currencies like USD or EUR. To make it simple, it is an alternative to the wire transfer. What makes Ripple very different of other cryptocurrencies, is his protocol. Most of the alt coins are using a proof-of-work concept on decentralized networks. Ripple is not. Ripple is managing a network that is distributed to anyone who wants to participate. But the fact that the network is managed and not independant, makes the cryptocurreny aspect very different for this coin.


Ethereum is a technology allowing developers to create and deploy their own decentralized applications using the blockchain service. Ethereum miners are earning Ether, the token used to fuel the network, and assure his safety. Ether is also the currency used to purchase goods on the Ethereum network. Even if the Ethereum has been mainly created by developers for developers, with a main objective to disrupte the market. As of today, Ethereum is the safest and strongest Alt Coin, just after the Bitcoin.


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Picking a trusted wallet to trade with confidence

A huge difference between hardware and software wallets.

Before picking any wallet, you should know what currency you will buy or trade, to know what wallet is the best one to use. If you are planning to invest in a lot of currencies, and with decent amount of investment, you should pick a hardware wallet. This way, you get rid of almost all the problems you can encounter with a software wallet.

On the counter side, a software wallet can be a very good solution if you're just starting to trade. Account opening is most of the time free, and you can get very flexible options on the biggest coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Ripple.

Most importantly, either you pick a hardware or a software wallet, you should get all the precautions. Enable 2 facts authentication, set a very strong password, be sure to be able to recover your account in case of any problems. We will never say it too much, but be secure and safe with money you're putting at risk!

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